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Differences with Fila disruptor and Fila ray shoes


Are you a fan of Fila?


Fila disruptor 2 series may be their most popular and well loved shoes but they are an innovative brand which never stops to amaze us with their collaborations and beautiful designs.


Let us look at some of Fila chunky ugly sneakers designs today!


  1. Fila disruptor 2 shoes


The Fila disruptor 2 series is by far the most iconic and popular out of the Fila shoes series. They come in the tapey tape version and also in 4 basic colours-White, pink white, brown white and black.


Fila disruptor 2 white shoes
Fila disruptor 2 white


Fila disruptor 2 white pink shoes

Fila disruptor 2 white pink


Design is simple yet classic. The raised platform sole creates a slimmer and taller look. That’s why it’s so well loved!


The tapey tape series is a variation pattern of the disruptor 2 shoes. Their difference is the tape that goes around the shoes with “Fila” wording on it.


Fila disruptor 2 white tapey tape shoes

Fila disruptor 2 white tapey tape


Recently, they have just released Fila disruptor 2 wedge shoes and Fila disruptor 2 coordinates tapey tape shoes!


Fila disruptor 2 wedge shoes comes in 3 colors- white, pink beige and black. Their difference? The taller platform soles! The height of the soles of the Fila disruptor 2 wedge is about twice that of the basic series. And the effect? A even taller you!


Fila Disruptor 2 wedge shoes

Fila disruptor 2 wedge pink beige


Next one is the coordinates tapey tape disruptor 2 shoes. It has the exact same design as the Fila disruptor 2 tapey tape. But look closely to see the difference. On the tape, it is no longer “Fila” but the coordinates of Korea 35.9078° N, 127.7669° E! How cool is that!

Fila disruptor 2 tapey tape coordinates (Instagram: Seoullimited_shop)



  1. Fila ray shoes


Fila ray looks very similar to the Fila disruptor 2 shoes series and it is easy to confuse between them! They have similar designs and have elevated soles. However, the Fila ray shoes can be said to be a gentler, subtle type of chunky ugly sneakers. How so?


The Fila disruptor 2 shoes have a jagged design at the front part of its sole. In contrast, the soles of the Fila ray shoes is a gentle slope with no edges. Secondly, the side design of the Fila ray shoes feature a curve, giving the shoes a overall gentler vibe than the Fila disruptor 2 shoes.

This series come in many colors, and there is the tapey tape design too.

The most popular color would be the Fila ray prism white and Fila ray prism pink because they give out a slight shimmery effect.


Fila ray pink prism shoes FS1SIB1163X_WPK

Fila ray pink prism (Carousell: Seoullimited)


Fila ray white prism

Fila ray white prism (Carousell: Seoullimited)


  1. Fila ray tracer shoes


Fila ray tracer differs from Fila ray shoes in that it is slightly edgier and funky. Look at the sole. There are more edges. Look at the design. There are more colors used and also the incorporation of suede, giving it a sophisticated vibe that overcomes the edgier side of its sole. Sometimes the usual white shoelaces are changed to black white stripes for the Fila ray ugly sneakers series, adding to the funky vibe it already exudes.


Fila ray tracer shoes

Fila ray tracer pink blue (Carousell: Seoullimited)



There is also the Fila ray tracer TR version. TR means trail, meaning more outdoorsy and edgier. The sole is a replication of a trail. It certainly makes a bold statement.

Fila ray tracer tr shoes red blue black

Fila ray tracer TR blue red


P.S. Do note that the cutting of the chunky Fila shoes are small. So it is recommended to get 1-2 sizes larger than your usual sneakers size for the best fit!

For the best fit, follow the jp size(+5-10mm) indicated in your sneakers because korea shoes goes by that size too!




Hope that this has cleared the confusion of the difference between Fila disruptor 2, Fila ray and Fila ray tracer shoes.


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