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LINE has introduced a BT21 collection line. If you’re a BTS fan, chances are you already know about BT21. But in case you haven’t heard of BT21, allow me to briefly introduce these adorable characters.

BTS has created their own individual characters in partnership with LINE:

Koya – RM

RJ – Jin

Shooky – Suga

Mang – J-Hope

Chimmy – Jimin

Tata – V

Cooky – Jungkook


The story goes like this – Prince TATA from Planet BT, who had been traveling with VAN, crashed on Earth. In order to spread love, TATA decides to become a star. Finally, they meet six fascinating members: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY to make ‘BT21’, and they dream of becoming the most famous star in the universe, THE UNIVERSTAR!

The BT21 merchandise is available to buy on the Line store, and of course it’s very hard to resist buying everything!


We have compiled a list of 5 items from the LINE BT21 collection for the fall season to help you get started building your collection of BT21 goodies!



  1. Chimmy cushion:

bt21 chimmy cushion seoullimited

Look at how adorable this cushion of Chimmy is! As soon as we saw it, we wanted it! It’s the perfect size to either rest your head on or cuddle as you go to sleep. Hopefully it helps you dream of all the adventures of Chimmy and the other BT21 characters!


  1. RJ Coin purse:

bt21 rj coin purse seoullimited

It’s always difficult to keep track of coins… but not anymore, with this RJ coin purse! It’s small enough to carry around with you and large enough to carry all your extra coins and maybe even a few cards. Plus, now you can do this in style! Our personal favourite is the RJ coin purse because it looks so cute, but there are also other character coin purses you can check out if you want to support your favourite BT21 character!


  1. Cooky slippers:

bt21 cooky bedroom slippers seoullimited

As soon as we saw them, we knew we had to get a pair of these Cooky slippers. They’re absolutely adorable – just look at the little ears and tail! They also have grips on the bottom of the slippers so you don’t have to worry about slipping anywhere – especially when you run to watch the next episode of Run BTS!

  1. Mang hairband:

bt21 mang hairband seoullimitedSkincare is important all year round – even when you feel super lazy, it’s essential to wash your face twice a day. This Mang hairband is here to make that task a bit more fun! Now you can keep your hair back while washing your face and also seeing Mang’s adorable face. It’s a win-win situation!


  1. TATA phone case: bt21 tata phone case seoullimited

We’re so in love with this TATA phone case. With it, you can always carry TATA with you – and the other characters are inscribed on the inside of the case for added cuteness. The colour of the case is the color of TATA’s pyjamas, which compliments the red colour of TATA nicely to make a cute yet chic phone case.


So, which one is your favourite?

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