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Good. You’ve purchased your ugly sneakers. Now comes the next question: Which outfit should you pair them with? Read on to find out the recommendation for trending ugly sneakers outfit combinations in Korea!

Even though summer is giving way to autumn here in Korea, summer dresses can still be seen. All through the summer, Korean girls have been wearing beautiful, floaty dresses. Some have floral patterns, some are just one color, some have lovely lace detail. Similarly, their accessories and makeup have been very feminine – small purses, soft blush tones, etc.

However, when it comes to footwear, you may be surprised to hear that the trend has been pairing these long dresses with big, chunky shoes – mostly trainers!

Fila is extremely popular in South Korea, and most recently can be seen paired with very feminine outfits. While the Disruptor II seems to be the most popular brand, streetwear fashionistas flaunting the MLB chunky sneakers can be easily seen too.

Here are some of our ugly sneakers outfit recommendations for some great outfits to go with your chunky trainers!


The ugly shoes with summer dresses outfit

song hye kyo ugly sneakers dress seoullimited

Actress song hye kyo wearing ugly sneakers with floral dress outfit


As stated above, this was the most popular summer trend this year. The combination of bold and feminine is always a great look. We especially recommend lace or floral-patterned dresses to really emphasize that contrast. Also, this combination means you can feel cute and girly but also comfortable – the absolute best combo!


The ugly shoes with neon outfit

mlb chunky shoes seoullimited

mlb chunky shoes with neon outfit


mlb chunky shoes seoullimited

mlb chunky shoes with neon outfit


Another trend this summer has been neon – especially neon green/yellow. A lot of girls have been pairing their chunky trainers with either a long sleeved neon sweatshirt or hoodie. In the summer, this looks great with white trainers so you can bare your legs. In the winter, black trainers look even better since they can blend in nicely with some dark jeans or leggings. This is why we recommend having a pair of white trainers AND a pair of black trainers – and even if it doesn’t get that cold where you are, you can use the seasons as a great excuse! Who knows when you’re going to go somewhere cold…? 😉


The ugly shoes with all black outfit

mlb chuncky sneakers with all black outfit

mlb chuncky sneakers with all black outfit


mlb chuncky sneakers with all black outfit

mlb chuncky sneakers with all black outfit


fila disruptor II with all black outfit seoullimited

fila disruptor II with all black outfit


Let’s be honest – all black is always a classic look and it’s slimming. What’s not to love? We especially love pairing an all black look with white trainers. It makes the trainers pop and gives the whole outfit a more casual look. However, if you’re going for a more subtle or sophisticated look, we recommend sticking to black trainers. This is another reason we recommend having both dark and light trainers at the ready!


The ugly shoes with skirt outfit

IU wearing mlb chunky sneakers seoullimited

mlb chunky sneakers paired with long skirt


mlb ugly sneakers with skirts seoullimited

mlb ugly sneakers with mini skirts


With skirts, similarly to dresses, the combination of such a typically feminine piece of clothing and chunky trainers can make a popping outfit. In this case, rather than short skirts, we recommend longer skirts that are either straight or body con. Adding chunky trainers to this makes your legs look slimmer and adds to the silhouette of your body. This is an easy way to get a sexy but comfortable look!


Let us know which one is your favorite ugly sneakers outfit combination! ^^

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