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Kakao friends korea has introduced some new collections! We are pretty excited about it. *Drum roll please*


Twice x kakao friends collaboration

Fans of Twice will be ecstatic to hear this news! The 9 member K-pop girl group has released their first collaboration with Kakao Friends. They have partnered together to create an adorable line called “Kakao Friends TWICE edition.” Did you know that this is the first time Kakao Friends is collaborating with a K-pop artist?

The collection will have about 30 products in total. Nine products, including pin badges that reflect designs drawn by the members themselves, were released on August 9.

Following that, just this month they released even more items including travel, living, and beauty items! And don’t worry – the products are available globally!

Here are two of our favourite items from the collection:

Twice Edition Cover Make-up Set 

twice kakao makeup set seoullimited

Just look at how pretty this make up set is! All the eyeshadow shades are perfect for an autumn look, and the lip colours perfectly compliment the rest of the palette. We also love the design on the case – it looks like a cute sleepover we want to go to!

Twice Edition Anti-Theft Bag

Apparently one of the members, Chaeyoung, once was pickpocketed so she came up with the idea to create an anti-theft shoulder bag. We love how this bag is both fashionable and functional. Now you can be stylish without worrying about theft!

Other new Kakao collections:

Chubby & fluffy babies

Kakao has a new line of absolutely adorable dolls. Their mission is to make sure no one is ignorant of what true cuteness is! Here are two of our favourite dolls from the collection.


  1. Soft Body Cushion-Ryan

kakao ryan malang plush seoullimited

This Ryan doll is so cute! The pastel blue of his little hoodie compliments his blushing face so well. We really just want to squeeze him. Too cute!


  1. Soft Baby Pillow-sleeping apeach 

kakao apeach plush seoullimited

Apeach looks so happy and sleepy. It makes us ready to curl up in bed cuddling Apeach and watching a good K-drama. How about you!?


2020 Diary Set 


Can you believe it’s almost 2020…? Neither can we…! But since it’s almost the end of the year, now is the time to start preparing for 2020, and there’s no other better way than to get a diary for 2020!

Kakao Friends have released this super pretty 2020 Diary Set featuring Apeach and Ryan!

kakao 2020 diary set seoullimited

kakao 2020 diary set ryan seoullimited

kakao 2020 diary set seoullimited

The diary itself comes with pages for planning the whole year, different months, and then down to the weeks and days. You’ll feel super organised for the whole year for sure! There’s also space to write little notes and even some graph lined pages for you to fill out however you’d like.


The set also comes with an adorable pen and a smaller mini calendar that you can prop up on your desk.


Which new collections from kakao friends are your favorite? Let us know!

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