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“Do you know BTS?” The question is on everyone’s lips nowadays! But honestly, how can anyone not know BTS? 2019 was a great year for them, from a sold-out stadium tour to a “Saturday Night Live” performance, plus numerous collaborations with other great artists and incredible album sales. BTS was everywhere in 2019 – and we have a feeling 2020 is going to be even better for them! As you probably know, BTS have done a lot of collaborations in the past. One of the most popular one is their BT21 x Line Friends collaboration which showcases really cute characters (Read this to find out which items we recommend most!) One of their most recent collaborations is the BTS x Starbucks Korea collaboration. What a great way to start off the new year – especially since no one can deny a good cup of Starbucks coffee! The BTS x Starbucks Korea collaboration looks absolutely gorgeous. We also love the flavours and colour scheme which, you probably guessed, is very purple. BTS’s fandom colour is purple and as V said before “purple is the last colour of the rainbow so it means I will trust and love you for a long time.”


BTS x Starbucks collaboration seoullimited


BTS x Starbucks Korea food

Some of the items on the special menu are Blooming Purple Vin Chaud, a beverage reminiscent of stars shining in the night sky. In addition, there is the Blueberry Star Macaron, Purple Berry Cheesecake, and Purple Star Cupcake. Which do you think sounds the best? Personally, we love the Purple Berry Cheesecake! It’s sweet but not too sweet, which means you can easily finish the whole thing… goodbye diet of 2020!


BTS x Starbucks collaboration seoullimited

Blooming Purple Vin Chaud

BTS x Starbucks collaboration seoullimited

Purple Berry Cheesecake


BTS x Starbucks Korea food merchandise

In terms of merchandise, Starbucks stores in South Korea also offers limited-edition merchandise featuring starry patterns, including mugs and glassware designed with real gold, pouches for tablets and laptops, and key chains. The Starbucks bags and cup sleeves also feature the starry purple pattern, available only in limited quantities. We’re so in love with the designs for the merchandise – all of them are simple yet so beautifully designed!


BTS x Starbucks collaboration seoullimited

For a charitable cause

But perhaps the best part is that a part of the profits from the campaign will go towards career and educational development programs for disadvantaged youth as part of The Beautiful Foundation’s Opportunity Youth Independence Project. What a great cause, and even more reason to head to Starbucks Korea as soon as possible!

Starbucks shared, “We are collaborating with BTS, who spreads a positive influence all across the society, and sharing the message, ‘You yourself are a shining star,’ to our youths who are the future of Korea.”


BTS x Starbucks collaboration seoullimited


During the period of the campaign, BTS’s song ‘Make It Right’ from their album ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ will be playing in Starbucks stores all over Korea. If you’re looking for a BTS haven, Starbucks is definitely the place to be at the moment.

However, a note of caution: this collaboration will only be available from 21st January to 6th February so make sure to check it out before it disappears!


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