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South Korea is increasingly becoming a global leader in the cultural scene, from music to beauty to fashion. Interestingly, most Korean fashion is inspired by streetwear in some way or other, so to understand what’s popular it’s important to check out what people are wearing on the streets of the hip areas of Seoul, such as Hongdae, DDP, Gangnam, etc. As we start the new year let’s take a look at some Korean fashion trends in 2020 that you’ll be seeing a lot of and hopefully inspire you to add some of these fashion trends to your own wardrobe!


1. Brighten up with NEON COLOURS

neon green skirt

You guessed it – neon is here to stay as we make our way into 2020. The trend started last year in 2019 and has been going strong ever since. As we mentioned before, streetwear is hugely popular in South Korea which is why we’ve been seeing lots of neon sweatpants and tracksuits (especially paired with chunky trainers – you can check out our earlier post on that here!). You can also find neon t-shirts and crop tops even in the winter here!


2. Go home or go ALL WHITE

all white attire

Another trend to look out for in 2020 is the all white ensemble. Whether you’re going for a casual or more formal look, all white ensures you always look put together and stylish. This look can also elongate your figure to make you look more elegant, even when you’re wearing a baggy look. We’re definitely in love with this trend!


3. Pair with a BAGGY JEANS

baggy pants

Baggy jeans have made their way back into current fashion. They offer an effortlessly stylish look, especially when paired with a small or tight top. We especially like pairing the jeans with dainty heels to really play up the contrast between baggy and delicate. However, for a casual look trainers also work great for a laidback vibe.



cargo pants

Another comfy item to add to your wardrobe – cargo pants. While some styles are loose at the bottom, the style that’s really popular in South Korea is where the pants are cinched at the bottom. Black is the most popular colour, followed by beige and khaki. When paired with trainers or combat boots, this is a cool, strong look. We also recommend pairing the cargo pants with a black crop top for a sexy yet understated look.


5. Look smart in 2020 with SUITS

suit attire

In contrast to the more casual looks that baggy jeans or cargo pants can offer, Korean women are also taking more interest in suits and tailored outfits. In particular, white or beige suits are becoming increasingly popular for women to show off their badass style while also remaining professional. Suits work both inside and outside the work environment and can be considered day to night transition pieces, meaning they’re definitely worth the investment.


6. Lead the fashion scene with CHUNKY TRAINERS

mlb chunky seoullimited

Chunky trainers definitely aren’t going anywhere soon – it really seems like they’re here to stay for the longterm. You can check out our previous post for more details, but it goes without saying that chunky trainers are everywhere. They also go with everything, from casual looks to more feminine looks with lacy or floral dresses.

Which is your favourite korean fashion trends in 2020? Are there any more you’ve noticed that we haven’t discussed here?

Let us know which items you’re planning to add to your wardrobe!


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