Our story

Seoullimited is founded with a simple intention, which is to spread the love for Korean culture and products with the world. The founder of Seoullimited is a Singaporean who really likes Korean pop culture and trends, and who thinks that it would be great to also share this love with others!


Our brand

Seoullimited has the meaning of “limited items from Seoul” and its pronunciation is “so limited”. There are many limited edition and seasonal items in Korea that Seoullimited would like to share with its visitors. There are also many worldwide brands that introduce korea only designs in Korea!


The logo of Seoullimited is designed pink because it embodies femininity. The airplane represents the quick and reliable international courier service we provide to ensure that you can receive your favorite item in a fuss free and quick manner. The logo is also surrounded on its two sides by the beautiful Korea national flower. It represents Seoullimited’s love for Korea.

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